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Fastening Experience, Indonesia

The Phase 1
The Fastening Experience multi-purpose hall in YKK Indonesia was built 3 years ago as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program to reach out to school children through factory tours and workshops. Tours take the children through the Touch & Feel zone that showcases our quality products, as well as the zipper-making process. We also offer creativity workshops comprising 3 main activities, namely the Design Contest, Quicklon Picture Story Show and Snap Bangle.

The reception of our outreach program at the schools has been excellent and today, the program has grown beyond the neighbourhood to schools that are far away from the factory.

The Phase 2
For schools that are too far away or have not had the chance to visit the Fastening Experience yet, YKK brings the experience to them in the form of the Snap Bangle workshop. To do that, we transport the hefty Attaching Machine and materials to the school, in hope of enticing them to come visit the factory and to enjoy the entire Fastening Experience.

Next Plan
This year, YKK plans to run a workshop program for teenage and adult visitors to our factory called “Fastening Magic”. We will provide the zippers along with some basic instructions before leaving participants to explore their own creativity and make whatever they can imagine. At the end of the course, they will be the proud creators of their very own unique YKK product, and that is what makes this workshop so interesting.

The Fastening Experience is a trip that promises to be fascinating and fun for everyone, and there is no better way to enjoy it than to visit our factory for yourself. We hope to see you soon.


Workshop Design contest

Open Water tight zipper

Workshop Quicklon Picture Story Show

Workshop Quicklon Picture Story Show

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