The Fastening Products Group does exactly what the name implies, producing and marketing and supplying fasteners. Our company began 80 years ago, and we have produced and marketed high quality fastening products such as zippers, hook-and-loop fasteners (Quicklon®), fabric tapes and plastic products, snaps and buttons, and more.

Comprehensive quality management and integrated production systems, the flexibility to provide a stable supply of what customers truly need, and consistently high product quality over the world, have won the unfailing trust of our treasured customers. The needs of those customers become more diversified every day, and we respond swiftly with the products they demand as well as the marketing, development, and production levels they have come to expect. As we strive to grow, we will never compromise and never sacrifice the quality of the products and services our customers count on us to provide.

“Quicklon®” is registered trademark of YKK CORPORATION in Japan and other countries/regions.

World-Class Performance

As demonstrated by the tagline “Little Parts. Big Difference.”, YKK’s products are small parts but provide great value for each customer. That is the wish of the YKK Fastening Group. Therefore, YKK aims for “WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE” in terms of design, function, quality and consideration for the environment in the fastening products we provide.

Quality Management

Many manufacturers are now producing in multiple locations around the world as the globalization of manufacturing continues to expand. Maintaining stable and constant quality has become one of the key concerns for many global manufacturers. In order to support these companies, YKK has set up YFS – YKK Fastening Standards to provide products of the same level of quality, wherever and whenever they are purchased. Each YKK production site conducts various quality tests and reports the results to Japan HQ on a regular basis in order to maintain and assure constant quality level.

YKK also abides by laws and regulations around the world concerning safety, environmental, and social issues to meet customer requests from various regions. We have been reinforcing our quality management system, and in some cases, have developed specific products to meet certain laws and regulations.

Tough Y-Zip
Production of YKK Zipper

Testing Methods

During the production of YKK fastening products, various tests are carried out in strict compliance to internationally accredited testing standards. YKK also sets its own quality standards to produce and provide consistent quality products.

Find out more about our testing methods here.

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